Lily of the Herbs

~Marrying science with practical and intuitive knowledge~


Grown and raised in Melbourne, I run plant-wisdom workshops, offer personal mentoring and garden design to help others incorporate simple herbal medicines into everyday life .

I started learning about the individual personalities of different plants, and how to grow plants from seed and cuttings, as a child. Being home-educated I had all the time in the world to play and experiment in the garden. This has been my passion ever since, and as a teenager I traveled around Australia working on and visiting many different farms. In 2015 a group of friends and I started a community garden in Melbourne with 3000 Acres. This is when I discovered my ability to  organise and work with people in grassroots organisations. In 2016 I began working at St Kilda Indigenous Nursery Co-operative running workshops and propagating native plants. Up until that point I had always sought out plant healers and used foraged herbs to heal myself, but did not call myself a Herbalist. In 2017 I began studying a bachelor degree in Western Herbal Medicine, I also had the privilege to work in Tasmania at the Gould's Apothecary farm. The journey has been green and wonderful and it has only just begun!

Join me in seeking to live a life entwined with that of plants— indigenous and introduced, exotic and commonplace. As we befriend plants, so will our own nature be enriched. 

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