Initial consultations are a chance for us to get to know one another and for me to get a picture of your life's unique journey. The consult will involve an in depth conversation around your diet, lifestyle, medical history and current health goals. 

If the consult is face to face I may use tongue, pulse or hara diagnosis to tailor herbal therapeutics to your unique elemental constitution. 

What you will receive: 

-Herbal prescription, either in liquid form, capsules or as tea (Price not included in consult)

- Tailored diet and lifestyle advice, with recipes and practices.

-A elemental constitution report

$120/ 75 minutes

$80/ 30 minutes


Herbal Consultations

  • Traditional Western Herbal Medicine consultations

  • Herbal energetics

  • Raw & liquid herbs available

  • Handmade medicines


Each session is unique and involves specific herbal remedies, food and lifestyle advice.

a consultation with Lily of the Herbs is based on your individual constitution and elemental make-up.

Initial Herbal

Return Visit

Welcome back. The return consult is a chance for us to check in with your journey, update your treatment plan or adjust your herbs and diet. We are different people everyday, and often healing happens in a cyclical and incremental way. Developing an ongoing relationship with Lily of the Herbs is a way of keeping on track with your journey towards balance and harmony.

Contact Lily of the Herbs

Phone 0407 558 324 for more questions