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Lily of the Herbs employs a keen sense of intuition and softness of touch in her work as a herbalist, bodyworker and educator.  She is committed to helping people lead a life more connected to the natural world and facilitates a variety of trainings on touch, movement and the use of plants.  



Zenthai shiatsu and womb hara massage:

 Lily brings her grounding and present touch to align the nervous system and body. 

Lily works with nervous, reproductive, digestive and musculoskeletal systems. 

Lily practices Western Herbal Medicine and offers herbal consultations and from her home clinic in Warrandyte and online. She has a herbal dispensary and makes and sells medicines. 

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Lily runs workshops on herbal medicine making, gathering, growing and foraging herbs. She facilitates practical workshops to empower people to become their own herbalist.

About Lily


Lily’s offerings arise from a place of deep connection to the natural world.  Her connection to plants has evolved from years of working on herb farms and plant nurseries around Australia.  Since 2018 Lily of the Herbs has produced small batches of products from wildcrafted herbs.  Her sourcing and extraction methods are designed to ensure the highest possible vitality.  This captures the essence and potency of the plants in a way mass production often cannot.  ​

Lily practices a form of bodywork known as Zenthai Shiatsu which is a fluid blending of thai massage, zen shiatsu and osteopathic technique.  Lily also offers womb hara sessions, a combination of table oil massage and herbal steaming that is incredibly beneficial for the digestive and reproductive systems of both women and men.

Qualifications and Education

Bachelor of Health Science and Western Herbal Medicine. Southern School of Natural Therapies. 2022
Zenthai Shiatsu 9 month therapist training with Gwyn Williams and Sally Meredith 2019
Zenthai meets Ayuveda with Gwyn Williams and Kimmana Nicols 2019. Bali.
Gwyn Williams. Bali. -ZenThai Flow: Training in asana, partner flows, Qi Gong and therapeutic body-work sequences, integrated through the five elements of Chinese Medicine.
Zenthai Shiatsu level 1 + 2 training 2018 and 2021
Natalie Zuckerman. Womb Hara massage therapist training. Mayan abdominal therapy + Chi Neis Tsang. 2021. QLD. 
Permaculture Design Course. 2017. The Panya Project Thailand. 


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