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"Herbalism in an instinctual skill which we have just forgotten how to access"

Join Lily of the Herbs for an afternoon delving into the foundations of grassroots herbalism. Learn to connect to the plants growing around you on a deeper level and take your health into your own hands.

This workshop is for people who already work with plants, herbalists, naturopaths seeking deeper connection to their medicine, or anyone who wishes to connect more deeply with the earth and their own health.


  • Plant identification and wild harvesting safety. When to harvest leaves, flowers, fruits and roots with the seasons. 

  • How to work with the season, elements and moon cycles. Learn to understand how these patterns in nature correspond to herbalism.

  • How to increase your energy and health with herbs. Plants have a vibrant and alive energy which will have you feeling like a new being. 

  • Drying herbs and preservation techniques. How to make sure your herbs stay fresh and potent long term

  • The basics of making your own medicine, and where to start. What is an infusion and when to make a tincture, infusion and much more. 

  • How to integrate herbs into your daily life and rituals. Learn simple techniques to embody the herbalist. 


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