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Lily of the Herbs offers alternative trainings for those that are interested in deepening their connection to the medicinal properties of the plants.

Herbalism Training
May 2023


  • Herbal actions, energetics & temperaments

  • Medical herbalism

  • Herbal first aid

  • How to design and create a wide variety of herbal medicines

  • Learn your elemental constitution and how to personalize herbal medicine accordingly.

  • Foraging medicinal plants in your local area

  • Harvesting plants in accordance with the stars and seasons.

  • Use herbs and plants to promote greater health and vitality in your own life.

WHO IS IT FOR? This workshop is for people who already work with plants, herbalists, naturopaths seeking deeper connection to their medicine, or anyone who wishes to connect more deeply with the earth and their own health.


Day 1: Connecting to plants in the wild, identification, foraging and the drying process. Medicinal gardening.

Day 2: Learning the elemental and energetic architecture of plants. How herbs work in the body. Basic anatomy and physiology.

Day 3: Medicine making

Day 4: Elemental constitution, how to diagnose, dose and make herbal mixes specific to you.


Lily of the Herbs is a wild herbalist based in Warrandyte, Victoria. She has been working with plants since she was young and has a background in propagation and permaculture. Currently working as a Zenthai Shiatsu practitioner and herbalist, Lily is passionate about connecting people to plants and their bodies. She has been running workshops on herbalism and embodiment for the last three years and makes and sells a range of elixirs. With an Bachelor of Health Science specializing in Western Herbal Medicine, Lily provides alternative training for people wishing to experience herbalism.


The Perma Pixie is an artist who fuses together her love of Herbalism, Foraging, Writing, Cooking, Ecosystem Health, Personal Health and Education into a cohesive offering. Her business is a platform for creativity, a place to weave the romantic wonder of the botanical into something tangible to share with the world. Living in the Macendon ranges and practicing herbalism The Perma Pixie will be teaching Medicinal Gardening on the Course. To find out more about Perma Pixie visit her website at

WHERE WILL IT BE HELD? Held at the beautiful Earth Clinic in Warrandyte,

Limited accommodation available for people coming from far away.

The course runs from 9am to 4pm each day for four days, lunch will be provided. 

DATES: May 4th to the 7th 2023



$100 deposit (Refundable) +$450 general admission (Paid by April 2023).

To secure your spot please transfer your deposit to:

Lily Aagren BSB: 313140 ACCOUNT: 12123675

Payments plans available, email 


After making your deposit please fill out the form below to secure your spot:


Online Herbalist Training


Now is the time, more than ever, that we need herbalists and skilled plant workers to help heal our world. The idea that Western Medicine could save us from all the chronic inflammatory conditions that reduce quality of life for so many people slowly is being reimagined. The only way forward is a marriage between science and traditional plant wisdom. Herbalism is our birthright; all nations and cultures used it as their number one medicine. It is time to take our health back into our own hands and become our own herbalists. 


The first step is to connect in with like-minded people and build resilient communities online around the world. In this way we will share knowledge and grow together. Lily of the Herbs has put together an online training to offer a deep dive into lost medicinal arts. Learn simple and effective ways to commune with plants and learn their medicinal and healing abilities.  Using the stars and elemental arts we will learn to understand our own unique bodies and constitutional needs, and how to safely work with plants to bring a vibration of health and divinity into every cell.


Three months of guidance and holding in a small group. A detailed and structured training to slowly introduce you to each herb, area and method of making your own medicine, understanding your unique constitution. 


June 2023 for three months. 

Please email if you are interested in joining this special event.

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