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The Way of the Herbalist

Online June 2024

A four month online herbalism training with Lily of the Herbs


This four month online container will give you the opportunity to learn about herbalism in a way that is accessible and meaningful. You will dive deep into the world of plants and their healing properties, learning about their uses across different medical traditions and how to connect with them through elemental and seasonal practices. Through this comprehensive course, you will gain the knowledge and skills to create your own herbal remedies, giving you the power to heal yourself and those around you. This course will help you to understand your own unique elemental constitution (which is the foundation of many traditional medicines).  Learn to work with foraged herbs to create a resilient and adaptable immune system and microbiome. This course will help you to identify and treat common ailments and reduce reliance on pharmaceutical and commercial medicine. 

  • Four months of herbalism training in a closed container. 

  • Two 1:1 herbalism consultation with Lily of the Herbs to tailor your own health (One at start of the four months, one at the end).  

  • Two hours live call each week covering core principals and course material with your herbal group. 

  • Medicine making class sent to your inbox to watch and make in your own time each week. 

  • Medicine making manual with over 16 recipes, special weekly exercises and extra herbal information.

  • Herbal pack to get you started with specific and rare ingredients.

  • WhatsApp support group, with live access for troubleshooting and questions from Lily of the Herbs and team.

  • Option to attend an in person herbal medicine retreat in Victoria (For a discounted rate). 

What you receive:


​Modules/ Course Structure


Week 1: Air ~ Group welcome, opening ceremony. Introduction to the elements and holistic herbalism
Week 2: Air ~ Wild crafting, drying and storing herbs, 
Week 3: Air ~ flower essences and plant spirits (Guest facilitator Jaqui Buschell)
Week 4: Air ~ The nervous system and plant allies 
Week 5: Fire ~ Introduction to the fire element, Herbal energetics and the 6 tastes of Ayurveda. 
Week 6: Fire ~ Herbal first aid. Wound and skin healing. 
Week 7: Fire ~ The immune system with plant allies. (How to build a resilient immune system)
Week 8: Fire ~ Herbal actions (herbal terminology) and materia medica
Week 9: Water ~ Introduction to the water element and plant allies. An exploration of adaptogen and adrenal herbs to build yin 
Week 10: Water ~ The endocrine system and reproductive health (Working with endometriosis and PCOS)
Week 11: Water ~ Diagnostic techniques; tongue, and hara (guest speaker)
Week 12: Water ~ Elemental constitution and dosing. Drop dosing vs conventional dosage ranges. 
Week 13: Earth ~ When to use tinctures, teas, poultices, balms syrups of salves? The why and when of prescribing. Empathic listening. The therapeutic relationship.
Week 14: Earth ~ Case taking. 
Week 15: Earth ~ The digestive system, and food as medicine. 
Week 16: Earth ~ Closing class, next steps.​

Medicine Making Classes

Week 1: Air ~ Incense
Week 2: Air ~ Tailored herbal infusion
Week 3: Air ~ Poultices and compresses
Week 4: Air ~ Herbal steaming
Week 5: Fire ~  Tinctures
Week 6: Fire ~  Oxymels/ Fire cider
Week 7: Fire ~ Moxa (Guest facilitator Dr. Jessie Fayers)
Week 8: Fire ~ Glycerates
Week 9: Water ~ Syrups and elixirs
Week 10: Water ~Decoctions and double decoctions
Week 11: Water ~ Infused oils
Week 12: Water ~ The art of herbal water baths and sitz
Week 13: Earth ~ Balms
Week 14: Earth ~ Salves
Week 15: Earth ~  Herbal pills and gummies
Week 16: Earth ~ Spagyrics (Jesse Leith, founder of Enki Organics)


About your facilitator

Lily of the Herbs is passionate about marrying traditional healing modalities with modern scientific knowledge and has completed a Bachelor of Health Science majoring in Western Herbal Medicine, she is also currently a registered and practicing herbalist and offers 1:1 consultations for people to get in touch with the healing properties of plants. Lily's journey into herbalism began 10 years ago when she started her first job working at a native plant nursery teaching people to propagate plants and care for native vegetation. Lily then studied permaculture and food production in Australia and Thailand, working on organic farms and intentional communities. In 2016 Lily was inspired to study herbalism whilst also working on herbal farms in Australia such a Goulds farm in Tasmania and with Southern Light Herbs in Victoria where she learnt herb growing and harvesting knowledge. In 2020 Lily started a podcast to share stories of Australian Herbalists (You can listen here: 


I did a four day intensive with Lily. 
The atmosphere is beautiful and she is very passionate about what she does which shows up in her work. 
She has a great knowledge of herbs and I love that the course felt holistic in both mind, body and soul drawing upon eastern and western culture and knowledge. 
It was also a very hands on course which gave me a very good insight into herbalism. 
I am very happy I did the course
-Dani Slon

Frequently asked questions


Does this course qualify me to practice as a herbalist?

This certification will only show that you’ve completed the course, but it wouldn’t make you licensed or officially approved to practice herbalism because such certification doesn’t exist in Australia at this time. In Australia there is no law which requires a person to have completed a degree to call themself a naturopath or a herbalist. This course will give you the foundations to start to heal your own common ailments and create greater and health and vitality for you and your friends and family.


I am already a registered naturopath or herbalist, will I learn anything I didn't already learn in my degree?

Yes, this course is perfect for those that finished their degree in herbalism and naturopathy, but still felt in the dark and disconnected to the plants around them. The degrees which are offered in our current tertiary education system are clinical and intellectual but lack some of the life and magic of real grassroots herbalism. Many people graduate from these degrees without having actually seen a herb in person. This course is the perfect way to really connect to the cycles of nature and wisdom of the plants. 


I have no experience in herbalist or with plants, can I still join?

Yes, this course is a wonderful way to begin your journey into connecting with herbs and the natural world. It is only in fairly recent history that people lost the ability to heal themselves with the plants that grew in their local area and to forage and grow their own food. Industralisation and capitalism has caused a seperation between people and their food and medicine sources. This course will help you to reawaken the intuitive knowledge that has been lying dormant and is waiting to come back to life!


Live weekly calls on Wednesday evenings 7-9pm from June 26th 2024

Medicine making videos posted on Monday evenings.

Spaces limited to 15 participants, bookings close when sold out.

Purchase the Weekly payment plan as a deposit to secure your spot.

Book a 10 minute free chat to find out more...

What students are saying...
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